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Pastor Joseph Mantovani

pastor Joe

Pastor Joe
grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He recently graduated from The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He is interested in working with those in need, encouraging people to use their gifts and resources in proclaiming the Good News of what God has done, helping children and adults learn about the comfort and joy of faith and connecting the church with the community around it. This is his first congregation.

The start of his ministry here has been a time of excitement, new ideas, new friendships and new connections. It has also been a time of learning about the long and wonderful history of St. Jacobus, the dedication of its members and vision for the years ahead.

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Drew Wutke
Music Director

Drew Wutke, our music director, grew up in a small town, and in a non-denominational church in Southeast Kansas, where he knew everyone at every social, athletic, or church event. His parents, Dave and Robin, are teachers and coaches and his younger brother Dane and his wife Christy are in ministry, currently in Sydney, Australia.

St. Jacobus is a special place, and Drew is excited to share Jesus' message with others around Woodside through the music in our services. His professional background is varied: Drew went to college in Northeast Indiana (Huntington Univ.) for choral education. He was trained classically in piano and voice, but instead of teaching youngsters, turned into an accompanist/adjunct professor and creative arts/worship pastor after his undergraduate degree.

Before moving to Manhattan, he worked at Oklahoma City University, where he graduated with a Masters of Music in Vocal Coaching. Currently, he works as a freelance pianist/vocal coach/music director and instructor. You might see him at NYU Steinhardt/Tisch, teaching a piano lesson or a vocal coaching, playing for a gospel choir, working with a junior high school's afterschool musical, or directing music professionally in a theatre. Or you might see him drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, and saying "y'all," and talking about the latest TV show he's hooked on (currently "Parenthood") while dining at Chipotle or Five Guys. Drew thanks the community here for the chance to join in, and is passionate about making great music and art at St. Jacobus in the spirit of 1 John 4:19: "We love because he first loved us." "You're welcome to join us as we find our voice and give our best gifts artistically on Sundays!" Drew says

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." --Mother Theresa

Gloria Wilson
Church Secretary

Gloria Wilson
is our Church Secretary, and also works as an Assistant in the our Rainbow Christian Preschool, helping with the After-school program.  A long-time member of St. Jacobus, Gloria provides administrative support in the church office Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., extending to callers and visitors the warmth and concern for which St. Jacobus is known in the neighborhood.

Our Church Council

Rebekah Oakes

Laura Fisher
Vice President

Gloria Wilson

Ingrid Sohlberg

Members at Large:
Veda McRae
Ted Fisher
Dorothy Chang

Lisa Pena Humes

The Church Council
(Board) of St. Jacobus Evangelical Lutheran Church has general oversight responsibility for the mission and ministry of our church, acting as the chief legislative body of the congregation in between our semi-annual Congregational Meetings in December and June.  The Council meets monthly, and individual council members also take responsibility for various committees and ministry teams that make up our parish life.  The Pastor is a member of the Council, with voice and vote.

The present Council was elected in June 2007, and began working together in September. They have set four major goals for the coming year of ministry:

1) Putting in place a solid financial plan for the future.

2) Raising average worship attendance to 65.

3) Involving everyone in ministry as active disciples.

4) Creating more ministries and activities that reach out to the community as a resource.

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